Career Coaching

Designing a Fulfilling Career Based on Your Personal Values

Choosing a career is a major life milestone - but it can make you feel stressed and anxious. Have you chosen the right career? Where will it take you? Is it sustainable and fulfilling?

As a Career Coach, I Often Hear the Following Statements:
"I hate my job/workplace/boss/co-workers"; "I want to do something different but I don't know where my skills lie"; "I feel empty/bored/dissatisfied"; "I don't earn enough and it makes me scared for the future"...

What if You Could Break Free From Those Thoughts?
Hiring my professional coaching services is the first step towards the career and life you want. I'm trained in Psychometrics by the British Psychological Society. Using The Career Profile or Occupational Interest Profile tests, I'll assess your strengths, weaknesses, personality and predispositions to give you clear career direction. These tests do incur an extra fee, but I also offer free tools if you'd prefer to take that route.

Full Career Coaching Takes Around 3-6 Months
After 3 months, you'll have established your career goals, learned what your strengths and weaknesses are and learned which skills you'll need for the role you're aiming for.

Within 6 months, you'll be equipped to begin working in your desired sector (unless additional training/certification is required). If you've chosen to remain in your current sector, you'll be seeing major results in your performance and a true sense of fulfilment!

The 6-month schedule includes an overhaul of your CV, advice on applying for jobs and interview preparations. If you'd like to try out my services, I offer a 1-month contract option. Are you ready to make that change? Then get in touch!