Career Coaching

Written by Aggie Pulfer

We all agree that career choice is important, but I hear the following sentences over and over again:

  • I hate my job
  • I hate my boss/workplace/co-workers
  • I can’t wake up in the morning/I don’t want to be there
  • I don’t know what I am good at
  • I want to do something else
  • I feel empty
  • There is no purpose
  • I don’t earn enough
  • This job is so boring!
  • Or something else along these lines…
  • Enormous

And what if… you could say

  • I love/like my job
  • I like my boss/company and people around me
  • I am looking forward to start my working day
  • I am good at/I am confident/I know what I want
  • I want to learn and grow in my current role
  • I feel fulfilled and satisfied
  • What I do is important for me and for others
  • I earn well and I support my family and myself
  • This job is exciting!
  • And more!

How would that make you feel? What would that mean to you? Would you like that in your life? Or would you rather prefer to spend another 20-30 years in a job, which you hate?

Sooner you decide, faster we can start working together!

Personally, I like to use The Career Profile or Occupational Interest Profile tests as I am fully trained in Psychometrics by the British Psychological Society. Such test is a comprehensive assessment of the client’s strengths, weaknesses, personality and predispositions with clear career direction. However, as there is an extra fee for these, we can choose a simpler and slightly longer path, using my free tools. Quite often this journey is fascinating and revealing for my clients and they are amazed by the results.

Full career coaching takes usually between 3 and 6 months. This is a detailed and structured work based on a research and discovery made by a coachee with my help and support along the way.

By the end of 3 months, you will know what is what you want to go for, what are your strengths and weaknesses and what skills for the particular job are actually required.

Within 6 months you can already start working in a new field (unless additional training/certification is required) or see the big results in your current work. That’s right! Sometimes my clients decide to stay in their current workplace! They become more productive, find their purpose, get promoted and earn better in the place where they had been when we started working together. The grass might seem greener elsewhere, but what we have right now might be even better... and it is already ours! It just needs some work and care.

The six-months work includes also a CV rewriting, resume, job applications and interview preparations.

I do realize that for clients who do not know me well, three or six-month contract, paid monthly, might be scary! Therefore, I offer a first monthly contract just for 30 days. This will give you a sense of direction, clarity and possible choices, available in today’s job market.

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