What they say


Before I discovered Aggie, I was stuck in the throes of an unknown future. I was plagued by a lack of clarity and a plummeting self-confidence due to a toxic working environment. I remember Aggie was recommended to me a few years back as a life-changer, and this memory somehow always stayed with me. I was initially sceptical about what coaching could bring to my life, mainly because of my unfamiliarity with the concept. But today, I am grateful I made the decision to work with Aggie. She didn't just coach me, she helped me rediscover myself. She unearthed my hidden talents and showcased my transferable skills, which I was previously unaware of. With Aggie's support, my confidence grew slowly but surely, and for the first time, I saw my potential through the clearing fog. What I appreciated the most about Aggie was her straightforward approach. Her coaching sessions became something I looked forward to - they sparked motivation and ignited excitement about my future possibilities. Her methods were unique, well beyond anything I would have stumbled upon myself, and she ensured that each session brought me one step closer to my goals. In addition to coaching, Aggie provided a complete career support package. She crafted tailored CVs for each job application, created a LinkedIn profile that showcased my skills and achievements in ways I could never have done myself, and offered constant encouragement through all communication channels. I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend Aggie's coaching services. I am confident that I wouldn't be where I am now without her assistance. I could have easily landed in a job that was unfulfilling and far below my true potential. However, with Aggie's guidance, I am now actively pursuing my dream role with full confidence in my abilities. If you are feeling lost or unsure about your career path, I strongly recommend getting in touch with Aggie. Her coaching goes beyond mere guidance; she is the person who will stand in your corner and fight with you. I am forever grateful for her support and I know she will continue to stand by me in my future endeavours. With Aggie, it's not just about the journey, it's about the transformation. Reach out to her now and experience the amazing impact she can have on your career.

Ann-Marie (Career Changer)

I used to think that Career Coaches were relatively expensive, inflexible and wouldn’t truly listen. Working with Aggie proved me otherwise, I gained confidence, challenged my beliefs of being too old and too set in my ways, and what is important: I got more interviews and job offers than ever before. If you are stuck in your career for way too long – work with Aggie!

Godfrey (Marketing Executive)

In only six weeks, Aggie has helped me to change my life for the better in so many ways! I gained more clarity, confidence and focus in my chosen Cybersecurity career path, and I could not be more grateful for all her support and help to get me here. Nothing is impossible right now, and I know exactly what to do and what I want in my new workplace. If you ever struggle, work with her: she has your back!

Marcus (Cybersecurity Officer)

Never worked with a Coach previously and I didn't realise the importance of having one. I realised how beneficial a coach could be and that I could really benefit from a session. It was great working with Aggie. I learned a lot about myself and from my values. The wheel of life and the main aspects that I should work on were especially useful. I like how I acted quickly on the COVID19 rent situation and the clarity the session gave me. It was great to have someone to talk to about my vision/goal and deal with someone professional and who knows their stuff. I would definitely suggest Aggie’s coaching services to anyone.

Kevin (Life Coach)

Having recently completed a Personal Values Assessment (PVA) online, I was intrigued by the results and wanted to dig a bit deeper into what they meant and how to apply them to my life. Fortunately, Aggie is a Certified Values Coach and she kindly arranged a session to go over the results with me. She was able to help me get a better understanding of my values and the ways they have appeared in my life. Furthermore, I was able to appreciate the interplay between my values, and how I have engaged with them both positively and negatively. Would definitely recommend for anyone seeking clarity and insight in their values.

Travis (Business Owner)

Before I started working with Aggie I really wasn’t sure how I was going to stay doing the job that I was doing. I needed help but I didn’t know where to look. I was surprised to see that there were people there to help you change career. Once I knew this then I went straight for it. Working with Aggie helped me to identify my values. By talking and writing these down, it made them a lot more concrete. The tasks that I was given were challenging and they made me think and express myself a lot more. Each time we talked, Aggie was able to adjust things based on what I was saying or writing which ended up being hugely beneficial. By reading the books that were recommended, I managed to see more and more that what I was/am going through is a lot more common than I thought. I am able to identify with a lot of what is being said in the books. Sometimes it feels like parts of the books were written with me in mind. So I feel that my time spent working with Aggie was really focused on me and what I needed. This is all that anyone could ask for. Thank you Aggie for all your help.

Tom (Teacher)

We have worked together before, so I had no hesitation to re-hire Aggie again. So far, through her coaching I achieved such results as: quit smoking, learnt a few key 'life' lessons (listen better, I don't NEED to answer all questions immediately, have empathy, I can't change anyone), I also became more calm, balanced and happy. I enjoy her ‘no nonsense, straightforward approach’. I find it easier to talk to my partner nowadays, and not bottle up emotions but rather channel them into healthy discussions. Aggie listens very attentively and she recalls from weeks / months ago, it is amazing!

Sarah (Senior Executive)

What I liked the most about sessions with Aggie was her understanding of facilitation and how that afforded room for me to come to my own realisations. I also liked her attitude around doubt and making mistakes. It encouraged a way of looking at mistakes as experience and positive and with the power to dispel fear. I would recommend her as a coach as she demonstrated the facilitation techniques and understanding that make coaching a worthwhile practice. Furthermore, she seems to be aware of the areas that need addressing, ie challenging the person to find what is important to them and then exploring what are the obstacles. If the coachee is a cooperative participant they will benefit from the natural reflection that ensues from such an approach. The value of well facilitated coaching encourages the coachee to confront their own concerns. It appropriately refrains from offering ready-made solutions so a platform is provided for the coachee to firstly realise that it is themselves who will provide the solutions. There is no undue pressure, inviting the coachee only to commit to what they are reasonably comfortable with. The only effort reasonably presumed is that which has been committed to. Here is an important watershed. The honesty with which the commitment is arrived at will provide the equal measure of personal responsibility when carrying out the work committed to.

Ray (Career Changer)

In result of coaching with Aggie, I started becoming more aware, understanding my patterns, my reactions. I also enjoyed the reading aspect of coaching. It opened up new horizons for me. I had no idea sometimes what was going on for me or how to work through it. I started understanding myself. The real me. I started loving myself more and more and building my self-esteem. I understood I can build my life in a way that feels authentic to me. That I am free to choose that which I want to create in life. I found peace within myself and grew emotionally. I would definitely recommend Aggie as a coach. She stood next to me as a friend, a sister, a person I can trust. This never felt like a merchant- client relationship. That was the most important piece for me and a secure base was something that was really missing from my life at the time. I found that in our sessions.

Sofia (Global Program and Product Manager)

Life happens and I cannot control everything around me. This was a big 'Ah ha' moment for me, one of MANY I hasten to add! Through Aggie's informal yet subtly probing approach, I have managed to learn more about myself in the past couple of months than I have ever dared to figure out over 30+ years. You choose your pace, direction and overall willingness to progress, as ultimately we have the drive within but through life, it gets lost in translation...

Sarah (Senior Executive)

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Aggie in our coaching-sessions! I cannot emphasize enough how instrumental her guidance was for unlocking my potential and would recommend her services to anyone who wants to take career or personal development to the next level!

Stefan (Team Leader)

Simply, I did not think about Business Coaching in the past, and I only started looking for it when I needed some focus and structure for myself. During working with Aggie, I understood what was holding me back and found new ways of doing my business. I really appreciated the constant look at what was worrying me, my business development and finding answers relevant to me. Other useful aspects of our coaching: meaningful conversations about general aspects on how to run a business, personalised reading material that actually helps a lot, and homework to proactively do what we talked about during our sessions. Recently I went through the notebooks and I was quite impressed to see how so much has changed in last 3 months. The ongoing support is very welcome too. Thank you! I am very grateful!

Vasco (Business owner of Cork Crafts)

I want to thank you for everything, Aggie. You have been great and you have got me believing in my abilities again. I had a great holiday with my family and I was present for all of it. I am no longer working long hours and I am exercising regularly. I have signed up for a half marathon and training is going well. I have a rough plan for after the run so I can keep exercise in my routine. I have also started a part-time diploma and secured assistance at work. I am connecting with friends and former work colleagues, I am also spending more time with the current ones, and I am building a great rapport with them. The next steps in my journey is to set goals for the future and for the first time, I know where I want to be.

Patrick (Finance Manager)

My heavy work commitments with no option to travel to a coach’s office/facilities were preventing me from starting my coaching for a long time. Therefore, Aggie’s flexibility and 24/7 access were the most valuable and appealing when deciding to sign up for her sessions. The actual content was extremely useful and tailored towards my needs - as in whatever may have been bothering me at the time; we always managed to work through it. Aggie’s sessions gave me the sense of being alive and staying afloat in the horrible circumstances that I found myself at that time of my life. I truly enjoyed her positive manner and her cheerfulness. AND, Aggie was so understanding and focused on what I needed the most! I have already given her details to a number of my friends/colleagues, and I recommend her here, too. I was really lucky to have come across her website and to have Aggie as my life coach. It has been only positive experiences since!

Natalie (Medical Professional)

‘Before I met Aggie, I would have dismissed out of hand working with a coach. I just thought that the coach would not do much for me, I was also afraid that I would fail, it would impact negatively my married life or that coaching would take up too much of my time. Additionally, I wasn’t sure how much could I trust the coach or are they even properly certified. When I saw Aggie speaking at JobsExpo, I decided to commit to the process. Working with her was one of the most positive experiences in my life. Within a short time of working with Aggie, and for the first time in my life, I can truly see my own value, I believe in myself, and I have a very clear picture of who I am. My values are clearly defined, and I now understand how important a role they play in my life as a whole. I really liked that Aggie did not judge me, she encouraged me to be my true self, was 100% committed to my happiness and success, and she was tough when she needed to be. Aggie bought humour and fun to even our toughest challenges, and her friendship supported me all the way through. There are many positive outcomes of our work together, just a few to name: I have a more balanced view of my life; my personal and professional relationships are more stable and fulfilled; I understand my own and others’ resistance to change; my approach to people I lead and manage has changed and improved. Finally, I have a better understanding of the impact of a negative self-talk on our well-being and self-worth. Aggie’s coaching has helped me first to dream, and then to materialise a professional and personal life full of new and exciting opportunities. A life well worth living.’

Kevin (Retail Manager)

We know each other through work, true - but I must still say this is something so rare as being able to guide me through my own thoughts and options - and to spot my negative patterns. I always come out of our talks feeling like I see possibilities again, and have a new-found direction and momentum to get things accomplished. Can highly recommend, for anyone who is ready to grab their lives with both hands and make it what they want!

Katharina (Customer Care Specialist)

In the past, I felt that it was very important to be able to do everything on my own, that I shouldn’t need to ask for help. That was my biggest obstacle to getting a life coach in the past. When I looked at the lives of many successful people, however, it seemed that more people than I thought were benefiting from them. So I decided to give it a go, and it was worth it. As a result of working with Aggie, I got to know myself a bit more. I took time to reflect on my life and the way I was handling situations. I also realised how nice it is to be able to talk things through with someone who you know is on your side. What I liked most about my coaching with Aggie was how caring and concerned she was. I never felt like a ‘client’ per se. But it was like Aggie was a friend or a family member who really had my back and wanted me to be the best possible version of myself. Three other benefits of coaching would be: A) The feeling of accountability and deadlines work really well for me. When I was given an exercise to complete, I always did take the time as I knew that Aggie would ask me about it. If it was just for myself, sometimes I might not always follow through. B) Knowing that there was always the next session. Sometimes during the week if something was troubling me, or if I had a concern about something, it was nice to know that I could discuss it with Aggie at our next session, instead of dwelling on it myself at the time without any progress. C) Fantastic advice/recommendations – Aggie always had great tips about general wellbeing, books to read, podcasts to listen to and these were all very useful. I would most certainly recommend Aggie as a coach. If you are considering giving yourself this time, then I suggest you give it a go and see for yourself.

Kate (School Principal)

Email coaching experience: Your questions were making me face that I still have an emotional bond to my past that affects my present. They brought up these feelings and they made me think them over again. They led me to find additional resources and readings about solving them. Our messages made to slow down and think about why’s and how’s. Email coaching is not an easy thing. Both for coach and partner. Trust is a must at this point and the client has to be even more honest to her/himself. I think Your exercises were very useful. And for me, who is not native English speaker, it was a very different way of seeing myself.

Esther (Executive Assistant)

She guided me to find what I lost in my life and to see what I really care about it. Sometimes you are lost and you need someone to light a candle for you. In this case, she started the spark and I’m on my way to light the sun. It was a great experience and I have to say that she loves what she does and she cares for people. If you are looking for a second opinion, I recommend her, you will see things from a different perspective later.

Emma (Customer Service Specialist)

I started my coaching sessions with Aggie during my January blues, when I was too much focused on my weaknesses and how to change those characteristics about me. I had my ahah moment when Aggie made me realised that what I was considering weaknesses were actually just traits and could be used in my favour. She reminded me of how all my characteristics, all together, are just who I am and how it helped me get where I am. On my last session, Aggie helped me prioritise my tasks, taking into account my lifestyle and my work. I just left feeling so much lighter and motivated at the same time. Aggie is very approachable, easy going, non judgemental. Just easy to talk to and clearly a people person. I could not recommend her more as a coach.

Elisa (Senior Revenue Analyst)

In my 4 coaching sessions with Aggie, I have found myself once more convinced, that the Universe works by the law of attraction. That means, that you attract those things into your life where you focus your mind on. I made my decision to concentrate more on my book project just before I met her in a pub and she told me about the possibility to get more effective with my novel writing. During the direct and informal meetings, I’ve learned effective ways to motivate myself by using props, affirmations and clarification of these values, that really matter for me. One of those values is: gratitude, so I am more grateful.

David (Writer)

I think being unfamiliar with the process and not knowing what to expect would have stopped me from going to a coach, to begin with. But once I was there I felt Aggie put me at ease and she was a solid presence to bounce ideas off and work through goals. In that way, Aggie helped me to see things more clearly and to see what is possible in the near future and the planning that's needed for longer-term goals. So I found it very beneficial and would recommend Aggie to others who seek to progress their growth path in life.

David (Career Changer)

Aggies focus and expertise were a great help in getting my career moving forward. She was able to give me a fresh perspective on how I view myself and my accomplishments, and motivate me me to go in the direction that I wanted

Conor (Customer Care Specialist)

As a result of working with Aggie, I have more confidence in myself in terms of the direction I am going in and how I will get there. I came to Aggie for help with undergoing a change of career. We spent time reflecting on my values and why it is I am seeking a change. We also looked at the habits of thinking that were not serving me well in my current career as these can carry over into other positions if not challenged. I developed more self-awareness from the time spent on this aspect of the coaching as well as equipping myself with practical techniques for moving towards more helpful habits. In addition to being very perceptive, I found Aggie to be a skilled listener who asked questions that encouraged me to reflect on how my thoughts and behaviours impact on both my personal life and my work life. Every meeting had a purpose and yet Aggie was always ready for the meeting to change direction if an issue came up unexpectedly that merited further exploration. I left each session with take-away points that I was very eager to think more about and act upon. I found Aggie to be a very passionate and dynamic coach who clearly loves what she does. She is determined to help her clients succeed and this is evident not just in the meetings but also in the follow-up emails and in the responses to any questions I had in between meetings. In addition, she provided me with a wide range of useful resources to further support and encourage me. I would happily recommend Aggie as a coach. Her professionalism, experience and training gave me complete confidence her coaching abilities. I found her to be fully committed to helping me achieve my objective and her genuine enthusiasm was as evident in the last meeting as in the very first. I am very, very happy with the results of Aggie’s coaching and believe it will serve me well personally and professionally far into the future.

Brian (Career Changer)

I didn't really know what to expect from coaching, and this fear of the unknown held me back for quite some time, but I found confidence which was within me! Aggie helped draw it all out. The fear disappeared and I felt so confident as she made me believe in myself. I really liked Aggie’s approach - friendly, caring and above all: patient and understanding. She always reassured me that she is there for me and this kept me focused on my goals. Always so supportive, sending me great inspirations material and checking in on me to see how I was doing. Aggie lets you set a plan and encourages you to stick to it. Most certainly I would recommend working with her! She has changed my attitude and restored my confidence in myself. It was the best decision I made so far, this year. She has brightened up my life and made me believe that I will succeed and achieve my goals.

Breeda (Public Sector)