Think Differently, Achieve Greatness

MindSonar is an innovative way of discovering how and what people think. It measures a person's Meta Programs (the "how") and their Graves Drives (the "what" - what they find important). It gives professional coaches like me a clear picture of your thinking style; it's an invaluable tool in any situation where people and results are crucial.

I am the First MindSonar Certified Professional in Ireland
I employ MindSonar to great effect with individuals, teams and organisations. Having that clear picture of your thinking style enables me to adapt my communication to reach you, identify your strengths and weaknesses, match you to the right job, train you more effectively - and importantly - help you change.

How Does MindSonar Drive Results?
The program is not a personality test; these can lead to you defining yourself in rigid boxes. MindSonar instead works on the principle that you think differently in different situations. It takes the view that your mindset determines your feelings and actions. It studies how you evaluate things, what you notice and also what you don't notice. This all determines your results and allows me, as a life coach and leadership coach, to help you make the necessary changes in your personal life and career.

To find out more about how MindSonar can benefit you and/or your team, simply get in touch with me.