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Professional coaching is a fairly new service, but its effectiveness and benefits have been already proven in sport, business and life. Coaching partnership is always tailored to client’s needs and desired outcomes.

Giving some examples, I have worked so far with clients who wanted to:
- Change career paths, be promoted or simply, find a new job
- Reduce stress and resentment
- Have more work-life balance and more meaningful relationships
- Bring more happiness to their everyday life
- Manage their time/money better
- Improve their performance/productivity
- Build self-confidence and self-esteem

This list is not set in stone and you choose what matters most to you.

I offer a fully confidential, non-judgmental and professional coaching service that is not only flexible, but also innovative and very supportive. We can work beyond office hours or at weekends if that works best for you. I add: free email/text anytime, appropriate coaching tools/techniques and my full commitment to your success.

Who are my clients? Creative entrepreneurs, small business owners and seasoned professionals. Remember, the best athletes and leaders use professional coaching to improve their performance and to stay on the top of the game. And I believe you are no different to them!

About Me

Aggie Pulfer

Besides Bachelor's Degree in Law & Administration and Masters in Personal & Management Coaching at University College Cork, I hold many certificates and diplomas related to coaching, eg. Conversational Intelligence for Coaches, Brain Health, Excellence in Career Coaching Service and Delivery, Certificate of Competence in Test Administration & Personality Assessment awarded by the British Psychological Society, and many more.

I have over 15 years of experience in sales, show business, IT and customer service, in both: front line and management roles with proven track of high performance, exceeded targets and global awards. In other words, I live and breathe coaching in multinational and multicultural world, and it is much more than just a work and passion to me.

‘There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living’.
Nelson Mandela

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