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Professional coaching has proven benefits for the development of your life, business and career. It helps you establish goals and feel empowered to take action to achieve them. It enables you to more effectively contribute to your organisation and work more productively with teammates. It boosts your communication skills, self-confidence and sense of personal satisfaction, leading to a more fulfilling career and life.

My clients include creative entrepreneurs, small business owners and seasoned professionals in the retail, IT, medical and financial sectors. I've worked with everyone from start-up owners to corporate managers, helping them to optimise their performance and realise their full potential in life and in the workplace.

When you work with me, I'll tailor the coaching to your individual needs, to ensure you gain maximum benefits. My life coaching and business coaching services are fully confidential and non-judgemental; they offer the support you need to get the most from your sessions. Training and development is innovative and I will be flexible to suit your busy schedule.

Are you ready to become the best version of yourself and give your talents the chance to shine? Get in touch today to find out more or arrange a session. I offer a FREE initial coaching session of 20-40 minutes or a shorter 1-month contract so you can decide if professional coaching is right for you.

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Personal Coaching tailored to individual needs.


Coaching Leaders for success and business growth.


Designing fulfilling careers based on personal values.


Developing teams through engaging content.

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I had always thought it was too late for me. I believed a career coach was someone that helped you when you were just finishing college or if you were in a particular high powered job. I never thought that all the skills I had and acquired to date were transferable skills that would suit another career. I always felt as if I was never good enough for some of the careers that I thought I would like. I also never understood how much my confidence had been shattered or how my values did not match my previous place of employment. I learned that in life one has to respect their own values if you are to thrive. When I started with Aggie I had every excuse not to move forward. Aggie called out on all my excuses and now I understand that I was blocking my own progression. Even though I had University qualifications I never thought they were good enough to obtain some of the jobs that Aggie had mentioned. I was very much stuck in my own little world and had not explored many options that Aggie opened up to me. I didn’t feel qualified enough to warrant a career coach. In my eyes, Aggie opened up my world. She guided me and gave me the confidence to look outside of my little world. I was now engaging with people who had studied at Standford University, Harvard and MIT. I was introduced to various TED talks and many more positive people, like Marissa Peer, who were there to help. I liked how each session was well planned and scientifically led. Aggie is a professional and has a method she uses to get results. I had struggled with what I wanted to do for many years. In fact, I could say that I was lost. I found myself scrolling through the net and jumping into different ideas. With Aggie, she had a method and put the method into practice. In essence, my vision and mission evolved gradually. Aggies approach tied all our work together into a clear vision for me. Although I had thought about my next move for many years, I had no idea how to go about doing it. Aggie helped me understand how to recall my internal resources and reach out to my external resources. I now have a clear vision and mission that I look at each day and know that I will achieve my vision. I started to make the calls.

Aoileann (Career Changer)

I believe a lack of commitment and resources made me wait years to start working on my career change. However, I have a clearer path and focus after my partnership with Aggie. Her coaching "forced" me to look into options and take some time to consider things I'd been putting on hold for too long. I especially liked her informal style and not so "heavy" approach as work talks or therapy. I can now put a name to my values; I've started one of the tasks I've been putting on hold for 6 years, and I realized I could do "any" job. I need to find the one I don't just do but also enjoy. I would definitely recommend Aggie's career coaching if someone needs to take a breather and seek a career guide.

Bel (Social Media Expert)

There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living

~ Nelson Mandela

About Me

All about my work

I am a people-oriented person, with a solution-focused mindset and a practical approach to business, career and life. I have built my coaching practice on rich work experience, strong academical background, passion for bringing the best out of people, and never-ending professional and personal development.

With over 500 coaching hours gained in the individual and group coaching settings, I am confident that I can bring my clients to a place of their choosing: prosperous business, fulfilling career and purposeful life, as long as the client is coachable and committed to arriving at their chosen destination.

Besides the Master’s Degree in Personal & Management Coaching completed at University College Cork, I hold many certificates and diplomas related to coaching and training, such as:

Conversational Intelligence for Coaches, MindSonar, Certified Values Coach, Brain Health, Excellence in Career Coaching Service and Delivery, Applied Neurosciences and Brain Health Professional Development Program, Certificate of Competence in Test Administration & Personality Assessment awarded by the British Psychological Society, Training and Development Level 6 Certificate and more.


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