Values-Based Development

Discovering Your Values and Motivation to Help You Grow

The Theory of Basic Human Values was developed by social psychologist Shalom H. Schwartz. It's a complex framework that gives us a "common language" of understanding - of how we think about our values and how we express them. But what are values? In simple terms, they're what you identify as the guiding principles in your life. They motivate you and guide your actions within your life and career.

The Theory Deals with Three Models of Values-Based Development:

  • The Three Disciplines: Aware, Affirm, Apply
  • Value Productivity: Help or Hinder
  • Values Compatibility: Complement or Conflict

I'll employ this framework to learn what you value and what you want to achieve. Uncovering what your values are and understanding how they make you act is the key to unlocking your strengths so I can help you grow and change.

As Your Coach, I'll be Respectful and Supportive
Since values are deeply personal, your coaching sessions will be fully confidential and non-judgemental; you'll be free to express yourself and your values without fear of judgement or embarrassment. As a result of my coaching, you'll achieve greater social and self-awareness and establish motivational milestones, all while remaining true to your core values.

To learn more about this unique method of coaching, get in touch with me.